What I need from you:
1. A mp3 of the song with a click track. Please do not include the click track in the mix that I will be working with, this needs to be on a separate track. This will allow you to clearly hear the drum work in the mp3 mix that I will send you. Also I prefer that the click track be included in the count off of the song.
2. If the song will have vocals please include those even if they are just scratch vocals.
3. Type of musical preference you have for the song, give an example (mp3 or link) of what you are looking for.
4. A deposit of at least 50% via Paypal or check.
5. Use the Contact page to initiate contact.

What I will send you once drums have been added to your song?
I will email you a rough mix mp3 with the drums added to your song for your approval. When you are happy with the work, you will pay the balance owned and I will upload the multi-tracks to the server and send you an email link of where the files can be downloaded from. The following files will be included.

a. A stereo mix of the drums (with EQ and effects)
b. Each of the individual mono drum track files (without EQ and effects)

You can right click on each track to download to your computer. If you don’t have high speed internet, I can use standard mail to get a CD/DVD with the multi-tracked drums to you.

What bit rate and sample rate should I use in my recordings?
I can most easily work with these samples rates, 16bit or 24bit@44.1khz and 16bit or 24bit@48khz.

Can I ask for changes?
Yes. Please explain exactly what you would like changed. After two requests there may be additional charges.

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